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Home Extensions Newcastle : Extend or Move?

Do you need more space? Is your home located in the Greater Newcastle area?

The costs and uncertainties involved relocating your home are substantial and there are several issues to consider.

Many Newcastle home owners face this question and often the best solution is to simply extend your existing home with the help of Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle.

Costs of moving house.

If you sell your home will you really achieve the sales price you need?

If you do not, you will need to fund the difference which may be substantial.

Will you be able to find the new home you would like at the price you have in mind?

There are very substantial costs involved in selling and buying real estate these days.

The commission paid to Real Estate agents to sell your existing home plus the stamp duty on your new home are just the start of the costs involved.

Don’t move- Improve !

Improve your home with Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle.

The costs of selling and buying can be saved and  applied towards upgrading your existing home with a quality Newcastle home extension and upgrade by Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle.

Upgrades can take many forms, but a common goal with most jobs is the provision of more living space and an upgrade of the amenity of the home.

Chances are you are happy where you are- the kids are settled- you like the neighbours but you simply need more space.

If you are happy where you are but just need more space and an upgrade, then Newcastle Home Extensions and Additions can help you.

Newcastle Home extensions can assist you achieve your dream of more space and an upgraded home at your current address without the hassle and risk of selling and buying houses.

Increasingly Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle are providing a viable and cost effective alternative to moving home. Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle provide an all inclusive solution for your need for more space and a general building upgrade.

Plan your extension with Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle.

You should contact Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle as early as possible.

Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle will make available their 40 years plus experience in the Home Extensions Industry.

Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle can even draw up your extensions and additions and assist with obtaining the necessary approvals for your project.

Careful planning is really the only opportunity you have to truly fine tune the costs and benefits of your Newcastle Home’s extensions and renovations.

Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle’s experts can advise on design and building processes, methods and materials to maximize your benefits by guiding you to the most cost effective solution for your particular home extension.

Of course if your project has progressed to the point where you already have your job designed, Newcastle Builders- Home Extensions Newcastle would be pleased to quote to carry out the Extensions and Alterations from your drawings.

Home Extensions in Newcastle can take many forms. The extensions could be as simple as a timber deck extension or a one room addition through to very large additions or roof space conversions. Home Extensions Newcastle’s experts are experienced in all types of home extensions and home alterations and additions, large and small.

Phone Newcastle Home Extensions today for an obligation free consultation about any upcoming building project in Newcastle. 

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