Landlords Property Maintenance Newcastle


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McKee Builders Landlords Property Maintenance Newcastle.

McKee Builders Landlords Property Maintenance Newcastle is a unique service offered to Landlords to maintain their rental property in top condition.

In order that a rental property remains well maintained is important because:-


  • A well maintained and well presented property  is easier to rent and attracts better rentals


  • Property values are improved by regular and timely property maintenance.


  • Regular maintenance is  less costly than allowing the property to deteriorate which leads to higher repair bills.


  • Our Detailed Maintenance Schedule lists upcoming maintenance items for the next 2 years allowing for proper budgeting for property maintenance costs.


 How it works.

Initial Inspection.

The first step is for McKee Builders to carry out the initial inspection of your rental property during which we categorize any maintenance or repairs required into four time categories, namely.

  • Repairs and maintenance recommended immediately.
  • Repairs and maintenance recommended in 6 months.
  • Repairs and maintenance recommended in 12 months
  • Repairs and maintenance recommended in 2 years.

McKee Builders Newcastle will prepare a quote for the immediate repairs and maintenance, and if acceptable to the owners will arrange to carry our the repairs and maintenance

Future inspections will be carried out at intervals listed in the inspections required and quotes prepared for any repairs and maintenance required at that time.

For further information contact Denis McKee 0418 242 799