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Workers installing a timber deck

Timber Decks Newcastle.

Timber Decks Newcastle  can provide  a great outdoor entertaining area.

Timber Decks provide extra living and entertaining space to homes in Newcastle.

Our climate here in Newcastle is perfect for outdoor living and the addition of a timber deck provides the extra space cost-effectively.

On a “cost per square metre” basis Timber Decks are one of the most cost-effective additions to add to a home.

McKee Builders – Timber Decks Newcastle  are experts in the field can will advise you of the most feasible and cost effective way to add a deck to your home. McKee Builders Newcastle can draw up your plans and assist with council approvals, etc.

McKee’s vast experience in building Timber Decks onto countless homes in Newcastle means that when it comes time to build your timber deck you will get a first class result.

Design options for Timber Decks Newcastle.

McKee Builders – Timber Decks Newcastle will work with you to determine the particular design best suited to your home, your requirements and your budget.

Among the possibilities of Timber Deck design in Newcastle are single and multi-level decks, connected or isolated decks and elevated or near-ground level decks.

Dependant upon the layout of your home, the slope of your land, McKee Builders -Timber Decks Newcastle will suggest the most cost-effective timber deck solution for your home.

Single or Multi-level Timber Decks.

These decks are popular and are frequently used when the size of the deck required cannot be built on one single level.

In many cases it is desirable to provide access to the deck from ground level and also directly from the living areas of the home.

One possible option, of course is to build the deck at the level of the house, with steps down to ground level.

In some cases it is better to split the deck into two levels with a couple of steps between them making the deck more accessible to the back yard.

Connected or Isolated Decks.

Traditionally Timber Decks are attached to the home but in recent times there has been an increase in the use of isolated decks.

Isolated decks have the advantage of better utilization of the yard space by being able to be built over an area of the property previously under-utilized due to difficult access or some other proble.

Used with a pergola or gazebo Isolated Decks really increase your entertainment options with a completely independent outdoors entertainment area.

Elevated or Near-Ground Decks.

The choice here is usually deciding which one works out best given the levels of the house compared to the ground level.

An exception to this has been when preference has been given to an elevated deck to maximize views.

Timber Deck Materials.

There are many options these day for decks and entertaining areas including “non-timber” alternatives.

There are many factors which will influence your final choice including durability and maintenance, cost and appearance.

The McKee Builders – Timber Decks Newcastle  experts will provide you with all the information you need to make this important choice.

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